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1.1mm cutter 3.3mm flute lenght 3mm shaft up cut 30 degrees

Article number 11085
£43,77 Included 20% VAT £36,47excl. VAT
Location: WS-08-02-06

Product features

  • 2 Flute, Center Cutting, 30° Helix, Miniature End Mills
  • These precision miniature end mills are ideal for finishing and semi-finishing cuts and universal milling applications in soft, medium, and hard materials

Product description

The MICRO 100 RMEM-011-2 metric, miniature, uncoated, solid carbide, center cutting, 30° helix, 2 flute end mill. Designed and engineered for semi-finishing and finishing milling applications. End mills can be utilized for both roughing and finishing. Manufactured with close tolerances to ensure ultimate precision and performance. Each tool's cutting edge/tip has a distinctive mirror like finish that significantly adds to material removal while improving surface finishes. MICRO 100 Solid Carbide Tools feature more than just a micro-grain of excellent quality. Their substrate is in a class of its own resulting from exclusive treating processes that allow for vastly increased speed and feed rates. For over 45 years, MICRO 100 is a known industry leader and internationally acclaimed when it comes to solid carbide tooling.