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2L01C09 Push in fitting Ø8mm x 1/8 inch Conical Thread

Article number 10077
£5,00 Included 20% VAT £4,17excl. VAT
Location: WS-08-03-04

Push in fitting most commonly used in our FOGBUSTER applications. Thread is 1/8inch and the size of airhose is 8mm. The thread has a conical shape, which is not common in the EU. FOGBUSTER is a US product, where it is common to use conincal thread. This fitting allows you to connect an 8mm pipe into the FOGBUSTER regulator. NOTE this will bypass the manual check valce / switch that comes as standard with the FOGBUSTER sets. 

The push fit fitting is used mostly when a CNC controlled solenoid is used. 


Component features:

  • WARNING: has conical thread! Not common in EU, most often used in USA.
  • Metal Work code: 2L01C09
  • Brass fitting
  • Fast and easy to use

  • Can be used multiple times without affecting seal quality

  • Pressure range -0,99 to 16 bar

  • Temperature range (°C) : -20 up to +80

  • NOTE this fitting bypasses the manual check vavle supplied as standard with the FOGBUSTER units

  • if you wish to connect the manual valve please choose the barbed fitting with the 1/4 inch connection