3.3kΩ 1W TE Connectivity ROX1S Series Axial Metal Film Fixed Resistor 3.3kO ±5% 1W ±300ppm/°C

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Description: 3.3kOhm 1W Resistor

Order number from supplier: RS Stock No. 214-1210

Manufacturer part number: Mfr. Part No. ROX1SJ3K3 Manufacturer TE Connectivity

Location Data: WS 03-02-03

1W Power Metal Oxide Film Resistors, ROX1S Series, Axial

From TE Connectivity, the ROX1S Series of Power Metal Oxide Film Resistors provide high power with a compact, space-saving size. Ideal for line protection applications, the ROX1S series of resistors are flame proof and can withstand overload conditions. The resistors are suitable for processing on automatic insertion equipment and cutting and bending machines.

Features and Benefits:

• Rated dissipation at 70°C: 1W 
• Resistance tolerance: ±5% 
• Temperature coefficient: ±300ppm/°C 
• Limiting element voltage: 350V 
• Overload voltage: 600V (max.) 
• Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ 
• Operating temperature: -55°C → +235°C 
• Body Length: 9 mm 
• Body Diameter: 3 mm 
• Lead Length: 25 mm 
• Lead Diameter: 0.7 mm

The ROX series of resistors comprise of a metal oxide film deposited onto a high quality alumina former. Attention to materials and processing quality allow a reduced physical size for each of the three power ratings with very good long term stability. The end cap and welded wire construction ensure high mechanical stability and strength. A specially formulated coating protects the element from environmental conditions and will withstand overload conditions without flame or mechanical damage. Recommended uses include all applications where overload conditions must not cause flaming. Value and tolerance markings is by four band colour code in accordance with IEC62. Rated at 70°C mounted horizontally in free air. Climatic category 55/235/56.


Attribute Value
Resistance 3.3 kΩ
Power Rating 1W
Tolerance ±5%
Technology Metal Oxide
Series ROX1S
Maximum Operating Temperature +235°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -55°C