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750W spindle solution manual collet (ER20) - IT 8459.61.10.00

Article number 10515
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This HF spindle is a very high performance motor upgrade for the Mill-it-Mini CNC system. The fully balanced brushess three phase motor has double angle contact bearings in the nose and tail and comes with a fully balanced collet nut

Component features:

  • Designed for radial and axial loads
  • Max power at 12,000 RPM
  • Max RPM 24,000
  • Squirel Caged rotor balanced to ISO 1940 norms
  • Shaft driven cooling
  • Compliant to IP54
  • Comes fully integrated into the system with full software control and on/off
  • Powered by a single phase supplied VFD
  • No need for a three phase supply - spindle and machine powered by single phase
  • ER20 collet system