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Advanced Digital Stepper Drive EM870S 80V 7-0A (2phase) - CN - 90328990

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Location: Ws-11-02-04

As chips and software are constantly updated and optimized, Leadshine made the new EM-S series stepper drives based on twenty years accumulation of production experience. They not only retain DM-series' features such as reliability, low noise, low heat and low vibration, but also add new features such as alarm, brake, smoothing time, etc.

The EM870S is able to power 2 phase and 4 phase stepper motors smoothly with very low motor heating & noise. It can take 20-80VDC input voltage, and output 0.5-7.0A current. Its control type (step &  direction or CW/CCW) and commmand smooth filtering time can easily configured via DIP switches. Therefore, the EM870S is an ideal choice for many applications requiring simple step & direction or CW/CCW control of NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 stepper motors.

Component features:

  • Step & Direction (PUL/DIR) or CW/CCW (double pulse) control
  • Supply voltage: 20-80VDC
  • Output current: 0.5-7.0A via software or 1.4-7.0A via DIP switches
  • Max pulse input frequency: 200kHz
  • 5V / 24V control signal voltage setting by DIP switch, default is 24V
  • 16 microstep settings of 200-51.200 via software or 200-25.600 via DIP switches
  • Configurable control command smoothing time to reduce motor vibration
  • Automatic idle current reduction to 50% or 90% via SW4
  • Convenient self-test for easy diagnosis
  • Anti-Resonance for optimal torque, extra smooth motion, low motor heating and noise
  • Soft-start with no "jump" when powered on
  • Optically isolated inputs
  • Fault output and Brake output
  • Over-voltage and over-current protections
  • Compatible with ND/M/DM series
  • Performance improved by 10%-25%
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant


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