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Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440G-A27143 Actuator for TLS-GD2 Interlock Safety Switch- Flexible- 51mm

Article number 11835
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Location: WS-12-03-03

Product Details

Allen Bradley Guardmaster 440G-A27143 Fully Flexible Actuator


The 440G-A27143 Actuator from Allen Bradley Guardmaster is a fully flexible actuator which is suitable for use with the TLS-GD2 model safety interlock switch. It is made of tough stainless steel which ensures optimal durability.


Flexible actuators are ideal in applications where guard alignment is difficult to maintain, such as areas with heavy vibration or doors which are affected by sagging. This type of actuator allows slight movement to enable entry into the switch.


Features and Benefits:


• Fully flexible
• Adjusting screws
• Made of durable stainless-steel


The GD2 actuators are dedicated actuators for GD2 models only. They are not suitable for use with standard models.


What are Safety Interlock Switches?


Safety Interlock Switches are locking devices which can be used to monitor the position of a machine guard door and turn off the power supply when the safety barrier is released. They can also be used to keep a guard securely locked when machinery is running. This helps to prevent personnel from accessing a hazardous area where machinery may be in motion and minimises risk of injury or equipment damage. Interlock switches are often used for industrial applications with sliding, hinged, and lift-off safety guards.


What is a Safety Interlock Actuator?


The actuator is a separate component which is usually inserted into the switch to enable the locking mechanism to work. It forms a key part of the overall safety interlock unit. Different types include: 90º, Flat, Standard, Semi-Flexible, Fully Flexible, and Specialty.


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Attribute Value
Accessory Type Actuator
For Use With TLS-GD2 Interlock Safety Switch
Actuator Type Flexible
Size 51mm, 52mm
Material Stainless Steel