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Axiom Auto-adjust Hold-Down Clamps

Article number 11038
£72,13 Included 20% VAT £60,11excl. VAT
Location: WS-05-03-05

Work holding has always been a challenge for CNC operators. Here’s a terrific pair of clamps which offer speed, ease of use, and immense holding power.

This clamp kit offers a pair of clamps which can capture materials ranging from thin veneers, to 2-3/4” thick stock. The pivoting foot has a rubber cover to avoid marring, and can extend a full 3-1/2” from the center of your T-track.

Each clamp offers durable, cast construction, and a long handle providing leverage for clamping. They rotate 360 degrees, and lock to the table via a large, knurled wheels.

The auto adjust feature allows you to pre-set the desired clamping pressure, which will remain consistent regardless of material thickness. Each clamp includes both long and short T-bolts to allow use with, or without the spoil boards installed on your table.

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