Cable - Brown - Multi-strand - Single core - 2.5 Square - no Shielding - not for cable chain

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Tri-Rated Cable H07V2-K

Cable 2.5Sq Brown x 100 Meters


Used for internal wiring of control equipment, in those places where special high temperature behaviour is required. Its standardisation, HD 21, BS 6231, UL 758 y CSA 22.2, makes it suitable to be marketed all over the world without technical barriers. 


Reference Standards

BS 6231, UL 758, CSA 22.2, UNE-EN 50525-2-31, EN 5 

Suitable for the following installations:

  • Internal or external wiring for electrical or electronic equipment.
  • Installations in premises with special characteristics: premises at high temperature

1. Conductor

Flexible electrolytic copper conductor (Class V) according to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360) and EN 60228.

2. Insulation

PVC insulation, type TI-3, according to BS 6231, UL 758 and CSA 22.2, UNE 21031-7 and HD 21.7S2:1996/A1:1999.

Rated voltage

450/750V UL 600V BS 6231 0,6/1kV

Test voltage

2.500 V in A.C.

Maximum temperature

105 ºC

Other characteristics

Colours according to UNE-EN 50525-1 and EN 50525-1 
Non-flame propagating according to UNE-EN 60332, EN 60332 and IEC 60332 
PVC insulation with reduced hydrogen chloride (HCl) emission