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ElectroSpindel C31/40-D-DBS-P-ER20-0.7KW-12.000-24.000RPM - IT - 84659900

Article number 10177
£530,70 Included 20% VAT £442,25excl. VAT
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These motors are very similar to the Electrospindels 18000-24000RPM. Only real difference is that they have a lower base RPM. The base RPM is 12000. Since the TeknoMotors have a linear V/F curve this also means that a 750W version of this motor really has 750W at 12000RPM. A 18000-24000RPM version has 750W at 18000RPM and at 12000RPM it has only 500 Watt. These types we are offering are often sold in drilling applications where more power is needed at lower RPM.

Component features:

Designed for radial and axiaal loads, heavy duty motor

Max power already at 12000RPM the maximum RPM is 24000RPM

Three phase induction motor

Squirel Caged rotor balanced to ISO 1940 norms

Shaft driven cooling

IP54 Compliant

DB- Double angular contact bearing in spindle nose and tail

Includes a balanced NUT and Wrench


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3786_20190701133535_2220_C3140-D-DBS-P-ER20_12-24000RPM.pdf C3140-D-DBS-P-ER20_12-24000RPM
3786_20190701133554_2220_TeknoMotorCatalog.pdf TeknoMotorCatalog
3786_20190701133554_2220_Torque_and_PowerCurve_C31-40-D-DBS-P-ER20-0.7KW-12000-24000rpm.pdf Torque_and_PowerCurve_C31-40-D-DBS-P-ER20-0.7KW-12000-24000rpm
3786_20190701133555_2220_C3140-D-DBS-P-ER20.stp C3140-D-DBS-P-ER20