ElectroSpindel/Pressurized C51/60-D-2DB-ER32-PR-SS-5.6kW-18K-24K

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These Spindels are identical to the normal Electrospindels. But have a different type of sealing. The front and rear of the motor have an air seal. Continuously air is running through the seal, preventing fine dust from entering. This motor has been developed for very dirty environment. Especially suitable for robot milling of epoxy, which creates very fine dust, and usually a robot does not allow easy dust extraction. Which means there is a high risk of dust getting into the bearings. With this motor these issues have been solved.

Component features:

  • Air seals on Nose + Tail (provide 1 bar overpressure with clean/dry air)
  • Designed for radial and axiaal loads, heavy duty motor
  • Three phase induction motor
  • Squirel Caged rotor balanced to ISO 1940 norms
  • Shaft driven cooling
  • IP 64 compliant
  • Includes a balanced NUT and Wrench
  • 220/380V (Star Triangle selection on motor using plates)


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4729_20191224151708_2276_C5160-D-2DB-P-ER32-PR-HY-SS-5.6KW-18000-24000rpm.stp 2276 C5160-D-2DB-P-ER32-PR-HY-SS-5.6KW-18000-24000rpm
4729_20191224151728_2276_Dimensions_C5160-D-2DB-P-ER32-PR-HY-SS-5.6KW-18000-24000rpm.pdf 2276_Dimensions_C5160-D-2DB-P-ER32-PR-HY-SS-5.6KW-18000-24000rpm
4729_20191224151740_2276_Torque_&_Power_Curve_C5160-D-2DB-P-ER32-PR-HY-SS-5.6kW-18000-24000rpm.pdf 4729_20191224151740_2276_Torque_&_Power_Curve_C5160-D-2DB-P-ER32-PR-HY-SS-5.6kW-18000-24000rpm