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EXECUTIVE 16 CNC Router System SE M MI - With Bench - EE 8459.61.10.00

Article number 11134
£43.417,02 Included 20% VAT £36.180,85excl. VAT
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The EXECUTIVE 16 CNC router platform is a new generation of machines based on 10+ years experience in the industry. The system is designed to be the simplest, most robust and high performance CNC router system of its kind. 

  • Ballscrew driven on all axes (No rack and pinions, no belts, no pulleys, no gearboxes)
  • Profiled linear rails on all axes. 20mm linear rails provide the running gear's core stability (no rollers, no preloads, no adjustments... just power and stiffness where its needed)
  • All steel 5mm wall box iron frame supports the entire system. The 5mm wall steel means this machine weighs over twice what its competitors do. The design makes the machine exceptionally strong and anti movement in torsion. A common issue with machines in this class are that they are not strong enough to stablise themsleves and are very sensitive to the machine being setup level. If you rise one leg, the machine twist, the EXEC 16 does not twist. 
  • 60mm thick machined aluminium upstands translate the bed stifffness into the bridge and Z axis. FEA analysis carried out on these upstands maximises the strength.
  • 80 x 160mm alloy bridge stikes an optimal balance between weight and stiffness. The cross section strength of the bridge means the machine gets maximum rigidity while retaining weight levels that allow the system to move with high accelerations. 
  • Dual ballscrews on the Y axis means the machine's strength is maximised. Single screw systems over 800mm of X travel start to struggle to maintain stiffness and power at the edges of the X travel when milling in the Y direction. The EXEC 16 runs dual ballscrews maximising strenght at both sides. The dual screw arrangement allows the machine to be homed square and easily adjusted.
  • Heavy duty Tslot table as standard is bolted to the steel frame for moutning workpieces. The steel frame has aluminium bonded and bolted to the steel frame. The supporting layer is then machined to a datum with the rails before the Tslot is mounted.
  • 400W AC servo driven as standard
  • Machine comes as standard with a 2.2kW round water cooled spindle with an ER20 collet system. 
  • Higher specification and strenght spindles are available with ER25 and ER32 collet systems. 

Optional upgades

  • Full steel underframe in welded and kit version available
  • Full vacuum table system and pumps are available
  • Fixed and floating dust shoes are available
  • Servo and ATC options available on request