Flexible Brush Strip 50mm hairlength (price/meter)

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We use this brush strip in several applications. Mainly to make dust extraction work better. And in same cases to allow cables to pass through. In general the Flexible Brush Strip is a brush with a flexible character. The great advantage of the Flexible Brush Strip with regard to the normal brush strip is that it is made out of mouldable synthetic. Because of this, it can be used almost anywhere. The brushes can be used for multiple applications, which include sealing, guiding, wiping, slowing down and pressing. the Flexible Brush Strip is delivered rolled up in a compact and flat box. This octagon box has been designed for easy transport, storage and use. Due to a special opening in the box the the Flexible Brush Strip can be easily cut to the right size. After the brush is cut to the right length, there are various methods for fixing: Double-sided adhesive tape, screws, glue and with a clenching profile which allows the core to be slid into the profile.

Component features:

  • Price is per 1000mm length

  • Quality Brushed Strip made in EU
  • Flexible, allowing you to wrap it around an object

  • Very flexible brush which follows each shape effortlessly.

  • Made from durable and high-quality thermoplastic rubber.

  • UV and ozone resistant

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Resistant to temperatures from –40°C to maximum + 125°C.

  • Deliverable on roles of 25 meter or a multiple. (OR Custom size enter length in mm)

  • Easy and quick assembly.