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Fogbuster 1/2 Gallon Coolant Sprayer Dual Head - US - 84242000

Article number 10051
£590,32 Included 20% VAT £491,94excl. VAT
Location: WS-07-03-01
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The FogBuster system is designed to produce a stream of air and coolant together without creating a fog or atomized mist. The low pressure, high volume sprayer provides a targeted spray to the cutting area and the work-piece without atomizing the coolant droplets. Therefore no unwanted (and potentially harmful) coolant mist is generated where the sprayer is operating. This makes the environment where the system operates significantly safer.

The system is compatible with a wide range of coolant types (recommended mix 8-10% coolant 90-92% water) and works well even at pressures as low as 10 PSI. All the coolant is targeted at the cutting area through the brass sprayer nozzles. The absence of airborne oil based pollutants reduces the health risks associated with mist coolant systems significantly. The system provides a very clean and controllable way of directing coolant to a cutting operation.

The sprayer nozzles have adjustable valves that can be used to reduce the amount of coolant to a minimum. The FogBuster can also be used on conventional machines with excellent results and can even in some instances replace flood coolant systems

Component features:

  • Regulator included
  • Half Gallon Container
  • Dual nozzle spray delivery options
  • Standard 5 foot of tube between coolant container and nozzle (extended lengths are available on request)
  • Standard 5 inch brass delivery nozzle
  • Magnetic mount included
  • Manual Check Valve included (solenoid control available)

Minimum recommended Pre-requisites:

  • 2 horsepower 50 Litre air compressor

Recommended Pre-requisites:

  • 3 horsepower 200 Litre air compressor

Please choose your optional extras

Fogbuster - Mounting options



Article number10300
Included 20% VAT
Bolt on mount for Fogbuster

Bolt on mount for Fogbuster

Article number10500
Included 20% VAT
FOGBUSTER Mounting Bracket Half Gallon Cannister - US 83025000

FOGBUSTER Mounting Bracket Half Gallon Cannister - US 83025000

Article number11073
Included 20% VAT

Fogbuster - Automation Upgrade

order the below items to automate the spraying  (what do we want to add here) (intensity) () 

Solenoid driven air control assembly

Solenoid driven air control assembly

Article number10501
Included 20% VAT
2L01C09 Push in fitting Ø8mm x 1/8 inch Conical Thread

2L01C09 Push in fitting Ø8mm x 1/8 inch Conical Thread

Article number10077
Included 20% VAT
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