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HDBB2 breakout board - HU - 85371010

Article number 10426
£57,33 Included 20% VAT £47,78excl. VAT
Location: WS-12-02-05


The HDBB2 is a breakout card used to connect to CNC control electronics. The HDBB2 breaks out the signals to the stepper drives, relays, limit switches, homing switches etc. ALl the outputs and inputs are optoisolated protecting your control PC and micro controller from external electrical signals from your CNC machine.

Component features:

  • Centronix-36 connector for standard LPT cable connection
  • IDC-26 connector for DSUB-25 ribbon connection
  • 4 x Open-drain Mosfet outputs for external relay control - very useful here as any relay up to 45V can be switched. Or switch a 12V relay directly.
  • When switching relays and external hardware ensure the power supply to the cad (12VDC) is specified correctly.
  • 4 x RJ45 servo or stepper axis connections
  • All 5 inputs optically isolated
  • 1 analog output for VFD control
  • Built in charge pump safety function
  • LEDs on all in and outputs for easy visual debugging
  • Extremely versatile card for CNC control