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Inductive Proximity Switch IFS 242 NPN 10-36-VDC (Long model)

Article number 11409
Price on request
Location: WS -13-01-03

Longer version of the IFS246 (sometimes required to acces the material), 60mm instead of 45mm Total length.

We have been using Inductive Sensors in machine projects for several years. In our experience the Chinese Inductive Sensors are great for hobby projects. But for real industry type projects, its not a good solution. The mean time between failure is too low. Also the sensing distance is critical. We have contacted IFM a well known Germany company about these problems. They have a solution, in the form of a high quality inductive proximity switch. A 5 year gurantee is given on the product. The sensing distance is increased to 4mm. Making it easier to detect the end of stroke plates. In all our own project we use IFM sensors. Als we have them integrated in the LSM modules that we sell.

Component features:

  • Longer version of the IFS246 (sometimes required to acces the material)
  • Total length of sensor 60mm instead of 45mm  (IFS246)
  • Made in Germany, high quality product

  • 5 year guarantee

  • Increased sensing range (4mm)

  • Gold Plated Contacts

  • DC NPN

  • Operating Voltage 10-36 V DC

  • Current consumption less than 10 mA at 24VDC

  • Normally open type output