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Large Format JKR CNC Router

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JKR CNC routers - Your large format solution

The JKR CNC router systems are a high quality affordable large format flat bed router technology. We offer the JKR2513 (8 x 4 foot) and JKR 3020 (10 x 5 foot) platforms. All servo driven with ballscrews on all axes.

3050 x 2050 CNC router system (JKR3020)
2500 x 1300 CNC router system (JKR2513)

  • 750W Delta Servos
  • HIWIN rails
  • HIWIN ballscrews
  • Steel frame
  • Full vacuum system
  • Fully automatic tool change system

Full ATC system

Fully automatic tool changing 4kW spindle with ISO 30 toolholders

  • 5 ISO 30 tool holders
  • 4kW tool change spindle
  • Multilevel sensing of tool states
  • Pre program all tool offsets
  • Fully automated machining
  • High quality Italian spindle
  • Tool changer comes fully configured

Heavy duty steel frame.

4-6mm wall thickness steel

  • HIWIN rails for linear motion
  • Rotating ballnut on the Y axis
  • Rotating ballscrew on X and Z axis
  • All ballscrews fully covered

Custom multi axis machines possible

Rotary axis for decorative works

  • Custom sized rotary cutting side table
  • Heavy Duty for larger heavy workpieces
  • Full control of the rotation of the part
  • Very detailed decorative work possible on round workpieces
  • 4 Axis CNC machining on a large scale

Designed with transport in mind

All the JKR machines are designed so that they can be easily handled and moved. Moving a CNC router of this size is the most common way to damage a machine.

  • Box section welded to base of machine centre of gravity to guide forklift forks.
  • Heavy duty M24 legs allow the machine to be leveled and also lowered onto heavy duty castors for easy movement on flat surfaces
  • Forklift can push from end side of machine also
  • Extremely versatile machine to move and saves a lot of hassle and risk of damage

ISO 30 4.8kW ATC system

The machine can be supplied with a 4.8kW ISO30 automatic tool changer for full automation of all tooling and programs.

  • 4.8kW spindle
  • ISO30 holders for the tools
  • ER32 collet system
  • Holder on machine for changing tools in collets

MTC and QTC spindles

The machines can be supplied with manual tool change and quick tool change manual collets systems. This makes the machine more affordable and can still be a very versatile system

  • 2.2kW and 5kW Manual tool change spindles available
  • 2.2kW and 5kW Quick tool change spindles available
  • If you want a special spindle let us know
  • All our spindles are Tekno spindle (We don’t use Chinese spindles)

The most efficient dust shoe we have ever used

The dust shoe is fully adjustable and floats independent of the spindle. The show can be set to the height of the work

  • 99% efficient at dust removal
  • Bellow type cover between spindle and shoe
  • Compatible with 100mm duct extractors
  • Set the height of the shoe on the work and spindle moves inside the shoe
  • Fully compatible with all auto sensors and ATC racks
  • It really has to be seen to be believed

Fully automated Z touch off sensor

The machines are configured with fully automated Z touch off sensor. The sensor can be supplied in manual mode (where no air is needed) or in full auto mode where air drops down the sensor and retracts after probing. The probe is used to reference Z off the top of the work

  • Fully integrated beside spindle snout
  • Probe used to set Z datum quickly and accurately
  • All tools referenced to the touch off sensor
  • Can be supplied in full auto mode air triggered
  • Probe used to set XY datum also
  • XY and Z datum setup is very easy with this tool

Tool management offset sensor

Every JKR CNC router machine is supplied with a tool datum setup sensor. The sensor is used as the reference plane to set-up all the tools in the machines magazine. All tool setups are one click automated from the main controller screen

  • Common datum plane for all tool set-ups
  • One click tool set-up
  • Fast recalibration after tool breakage
  • Very easy to use

Optional side milling system

The JKR CNC router can be fitted with a side loading mechanism. The bridge extends out over the side of the table and allows sheets to be loaded and milled on their edges.

  • This allows edges of doors and windows to be machined
  • Versatile large clamping area for doors and panels
  • Loading plane fully datum’d to the machine for square pocketing
  • Utliises the full travel of the machine

70 Zoned Vacuum table

We run dual tables split half and half accross the machine. Each table has 70 zones as well as the standard grooves to place the rubber isolation strips. Each table has its own pump and the zones can be enables and disabled easily with blanking discs. You can focus all of a pumps pressure on a 400 x 400mm section of table.

  • Dual tables as standard
  • Multi zones in each table with selective blanking holes
  • Standard grid square rubber strip isolation channels
  • All tables are made by the machines themselves