The STONEYCNC spec AXIOM router system brings small format affordable professional CNC technology to your workshop. Check out our Complete Packages in the Machines section. This will ensure you have everything you need to hit the ground running!





Here at StoneyCNC we have been looking for an affordable professional small format CNC router to sit as a stepping stone towards our professional industrial ranges of machines.

We found that in the Axiom router system range.

And so STONEYCNC have teamed up with the guys at AXIOM to bring you the AXIOM CNC systems exclusively to the UK and European markets.

As with all our machines, we are not a box-to-box company. We do not simply pass on a machine in the specification the OEM supplier dictates. We pay special attention to the client and to their needs and we supply a configuration to suit these needs.

With Axiom this is no exception. Based on our extensive experience with over 1000 CNC installations in the UK alone we have configured the AXIOM machine to best suit the UK and EU market.

Check out our track record across the internet and you will see we provide unmatched world class support.