STEPCRAFT under UCCNC / Mach3 Control

Please see below the items you need to connect your STEPCRAFT to the UCCNC or Mach3 controllers. If you have a STEPCRAFT with a functioning mainboard, you simply need 

1) The STEPCRAFT interface card (also known as a parallel card)

2) The UC100 motion controller 

3) the UCCNC software licence. 

4) if you purchase from us then we will supply the STEPCRAFT profiles to allow you to configure the machines, 

NOTE!! You do not need a parallel card on your PC. You need the following items and a USB2.0 port on your PC. 

UCCNC software license key
UCCNC software license key
Article number10424

UCCNC software license key

£66,24 Included 20% VAT £55,20 excl. VAT
UC100 motion controller
UC100 motion controller
Article number10421

UC100 motion controller

£123,21 Included 20% VAT £102,67 excl. VAT