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UK mainland CNC installation delivery and training

Article number 11114
£600,60 Included 20% VAT £500,50excl. VAT
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UK mainland on site installation, comissioning and training

  • Pending location relative to the midlands this cost covers the delivery installation and training on site of a CNC router up to a machine size that fits in a standard panel van
  • The JBEC 1259012, AXIOM AR8, i2r8 and EXECUTIVE 8 are examples of machines that are applicable
  • Please advise if there are any narrow or difficult access areas on delivery 
  • Please discuss your requirements in further detail after choosing this method to ensure all details have been discussed. 
  • Generally this covers 1 StoneyCNC person in the vehicle for the delivery. As such we may need you to provide some extra man power for the final lift from vehicle into the final location at your premises
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