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Upcut (6.35mm) 1/4 (CD) (25.4mm) 1 (CL) (6.35mm) 1/4 (SD) - UK - 82077010

Article number 10014
£28,36 Included 20% VAT £23,63excl. VAT
Location: WS-08-01-06


Cutter Ø mm

Cutting Length mm

Shank Ø mm

Flute Type

Cutting Direction

Cutter Composition 

Cutter Type

Applicable Materials

Cutter Quality

6.35 (1/4")

 25.4 (1")

6.35 (1/4")


Up Cut

 Solid Carbide

Fishtail End Mill

Wood / Plastics / Aluminium

High Quality

These cutters work very well in timbers and plastics and are coated with anti-stick, heat resistant coating. The coating results in safer, cleaner and quieter cutting as well as longer cutter life. The cutters have computer engineered shear and radial relief angles for optimal chip removal and greater cutting efficiency. Straight dual fluted cutters can be used for plunge cutting, grooving, slotting, mortising and general milling applications. The up cut spiral provides much better chip removal and is therefore better for milling faster than a down cut cutter. Up cut cutters can be worked harder with higher feedrates than down cut cutters.

Component features:

  • Dual fluted up cut spiral cutter
  • Use 1/4 inch collet
  • Suited to timber and plastics