Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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At StoneyCNC we do not just sell CNC machines. We offer CNC solutions for a range of customers. Provision of a CNC machine is more than just the provision of a machine tool. Key points that we feel are vital in the provision of CNC systems are:

  • Pre-sale assessment of the functional requirement for the CNC project in question. During this step we identify the scope of work, the level of detail complexity and the duty cycle expectation of the CNC system in order to ensure we give the best possible advice and guidance. After all, there is no point providing a system that will not be fit for purpose!
  • To give a detailed outline of the machine build scope and the system design for the customer – where possible to give demonstrations of the machines specified capability.
  • To deliver, install, commission the machine in its final location. This ensures no issues with couriers and you get a CNC expert on site to iron out any teething problems that may arise with the software installation. We leave you with a fully configured CNC control system that is ready to use from the outset.
  • To provide a training and consultancy session on site during delivery where advice can be asked for, specific to the proposed use of the CNC system. The journey from part design to final machining can be difficult. We believe in on site training to get you off to a good start.
  • To provide follow up support and after sales service when a customer purchases a CNC. In order to do this comprehensively one has to know the machine and the control software inside out to provide proper support.

StoneyCNC provide a range of CNC routing and milling systems, from entry level systems to full production machines. The professional CNC routers and milling machines we offer have exceptional long term stability, high cutting performance potential in a variety of applications and the machine systems are built to very high quality standards. StoneyCNC can support the CNC system right from the cutter right back to the USB port on your computer. If you are looking to get into the CNC world, have a CNC application in mind, have a new business idea or looking to further your production, have a look at what we have to offer you!

It is out belief that anyone can sell CNC systems. It is, however, a different story supporting the systems and helping customers become proficient CNC operators. We know all our CNC systems inside-out as we have designed them and actively try to improve them continuously. Make sure whoever you purchase a CNC machine from can support their platform!

We are geared towards quality and value, with a very acute focus on the customer journey when using our CNC systems. We can turn your own Laptop/PC system into an integrated CAD/CAM and CNC control platform for all your CNC needs.